Beer Pong Table with Cooler Bag - Sink It, Drink It

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Sick of winning and having to make another undesired trip to the fridge just to refill your cups? Same here but don't worry we've got you. A beer Pong Table with an inbuilt cooler bag, Hot Damn! Not only can you enjoy some of your favorite beverages chilled while playing pong, you can also still do the sneaky bounce shot as it has a MDF cover for full Beer Pong effect.

These tables of glory are 8 feet long with aluminium legs and outer trimming, MDF tabletop, with plastic covering for water (or liquid of choice) resistance.


Folded: 620mm x 600mm x 140mm

Set Up: 2400mm x 600mm x 700mm

-Best to wipe down after use and place in a dry covered spot to ensure longetivity of the table.

Delivery can be between 2 - 10 Business Days